This Wild Life ~ Dewey Lake, August 2019

"Promise to stay wild with me." ~ Victoria Erickson Dewey Lake, American Lake, Kachess Loop We have a tradition, of sorts, to meander into the wild at least once a year with our Hendies (Mike's younger sister and her fam). But, as with most things that involve our children, it's getting trickier and trickier to [...]

Chapter Three ~ Packwood Lake with the Cousins, June 2015 "There are some places you will always return, chapters in this book of life you will choose to read over and over and over again ~ because they are just that good." We first starting coming to this place because it's path was gentle and it's waters welcomed us.  But, we continue to return [...]

Missing Pieces ~ Pete Lake with a Side of Waptus May 2015 "The grand adventure was never quite as grand when a piece of us was missing." It is always our goal to get out into the wild before the end of May.  But, it is not always easy finding a hike where the snow has melted and the rain has agreed to let us be.  [...]