Angels Unaware ~ Yellow Banks and The Ozette Triangle, August 2020 " Let brotherly love continue.  Stop neglecting to show hospitality to strangers, for by showing hospitality some have had angels as their guests without being aware of it."Hebrews 13:2 In the midst of a masked pandemic, as summer was nearing its end, I ventured into the woods with my youngest and her ever adventurous cousin. [...]

In The Middle of Gnome Where ~ South Coast Wilderness Trail, July 2019

"The child in us is always there, you know, and its the best part of us, the winged part that travels farthest." ~ Elizabeth Goudge Until we started venturing off into the wild I only felt my inner child emerge on rare occasions.  And when she did spill forth I hardly recognized her.  But, each [...]

Flash-Back ~ Hyas Lake, May 2016 "The days are long, but the years are always short." Gretchen Rubin ~ Happiness Project As the years fly by it becomes harder and harder to gather my tribe together and convince them that piling packs onto their backs and trekking into a sea of evergreens down a dirt path is the best use [...]