This Wild Life ~ Dewey Lake, August 2019

"Promise to stay wild with me." ~ Victoria Erickson Dewey Lake, American Lake, Kachess Loop We have a tradition, of sorts, to meander into the wild at least once a year with our Hendies (Mike's younger sister and her fam). But, as with most things that involve our children, it's getting trickier and trickier to [...]

On Top of Old Smokey ~ The Goat Rocks, August 2017 "Oh, the places you'll go." ~ Dr. Suess There will be a time, in our not too distant future, that our unit of six will shrink down to a daily dose of four.  So, when Ash and Matt jumped on a jet plane to go visit their GG in Ohio for a week - [...]

Missing Pieces ~ Pete Lake with a Side of Waptus May 2015 "The grand adventure was never quite as grand when a piece of us was missing." It is always our goal to get out into the wild before the end of May.  But, it is not always easy finding a hike where the snow has melted and the rain has agreed to let us be.  [...]