New Year Kicks – Mt Tahoma Trails Brunis Snowbowl ~ January 2019

Snowflakes, are like the butterflies of winter - each a unique marvel all its own, lighting upon the earth with a magic so grand we all transform into children again. For years I have been waiting out the long winters to once again breathe the wild air of mountain adventures.  In many places in [...]

True Blue, Baby I /Love You ~ White Pass Pilot Ridge Loop, September 2018

"I'm not telling you its going to be easy.  I am telling you its worth it." This hike was about number three on my hopes and dreams for our anniversary trip this year.  But, once again, there were fires wreaking havoc on our forests which disqualified my top two trails.  A crazy busy summer [...]

UnJaded ~ Jade Lake, August 2018

"Think of all the beauty still around you and be happy." ~ Anne Frank I walked into this hike with a heavy heart.  The kind that settles down upon your chest with a suffocating weightiness.  If silence lingered in the air around me I'd fill it with conversations with myself, writing a melancholy memoir [...]